The Cap’Mundo adventure started in 2013 with the launch of homemade coffee capsules made in France, compatible with Nespresso® machines and exclusively sold in the burners and delicatessens.

The trust granted in the space of a few years, by now more than 400 resellers and their customers, validates the sincerity of our artisanal and qualitative approach at competitive prices.

For us, the quality of a cup of coffee is as important as its traceability and ecological footprint.

That’s why we are launching in April 2016 a brand new range: Cap’Mundo Bio & Compost.

The capsule and the paper cover are 100% biodegradable, compostable industrially in less than 3 months and made of renewable materials (OK COMPOST and OK BIOBASED certified).

Each of our recipes from organic farming and Fairtrade will be concocted with coffee grown by passionate producers and concerned with the preservation of their terroir.

Sublimated by an artisanal roasting, these coffees will reveal the aromas and flavors of their place of origin.

The recommended retail price of our entry-level will be lower than the Nespresso® capsules.

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