Haute couture

Our main objective is to draw the quintessence of our capsule by mastering the sourcing of green coffees, assembly techniques and the creation of sensory profiles for roasting, in order to offer an offer in total adequacy with your expectations.

– New capsule 100% oxygen barrier
– Preservation of aromas
– Up to 6g of coffee
– 60% off packaging
– More sachet
– Made in France

Our range



Assembly of African soils sublimated by a touch of Asian robusta.

Woody & spicy
Intensity 5/5
Dark Ebène

Faithful to the racy character of its elder “Ebony”, the “Dark Ebony” was designed to challenge the laws of intensity.

Intensity 5/5

From a selection of coffee grown in the highlands of Africa, this exclusive creation will seduce you with its softness and balance.

Intensity 3/5

Cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture in the heart of the Andes, this recipe will seduce you with its perfect balance and its aromas of cedar, cherry and raspberry.

Woody & fruity
Intensity 3/5

This recipe combines two great terroirs of South and Central America. Between sweetness and character, your palate will be delighted by the delicacy of its notes of hazelnut, toast and fresh fruit.

Greedy & wooded
Intensity 3/5

Cultivated under natural shading on the volcanic soils of Central America, this large Arabica is decaffeinated in a solvent-free process that guarantees optimal preservation of the aromatic richness.

Greedy & fruity
Intensity 2/5
Don Jimenez

The finca “Don Jiménez” has been growing since 1930 one of the rarest rare wines of the Dominican Republic. The richness of this unique terroir produces a subtle and aromatic coffee that develops notes of plum and rhubarb.

Greedy & fruity
Intensity 3/5

Cultivated in the highlands of Southern Ethiopia, between 2000 and 2400m above sea level, this exclusive mocha is distinguished by its elegance and aromatic richness developed around a floral note of jasmine.

Floral & Citrus
Intensity 3/5
Floral & Citrus
Intensity 4/5
Floral & Citrus
Intensity 3/5