Bio & Compost

For us, the quality of a cup of coffee is as important as its traceability and ecological footprint.


Any packaging or product with the OK COMPOST label is guaranteed biodegradable in an industrial composting facility. This applies to all components, inks and additives. The only point of reference for the certification program is the harmonized standard EN 13432: 2000, which means that every product bearing the OK compost logo meets the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62 / EEC).

OK BIOBASED is a certification system that controls the origin of products in renewable raw materials. This means that it examines whether they are composed of fossil raw materials, such as oil, or renewable materials (biobased), such as carbon.



100% biodegradable organic capsules



Capsule made from sugar cane
Without aluminum
Without GMO
Paper door

For the planet (Environmental impact)

The capsule, the lid and the bag are biodegradable,
compostable and made from renewable materials
A minimum of waste


- Soit dans votre poubelle de déchet organique si votre ville collecte le compost industriel

- Soit dans votre poubelle des ordures ménagères

Our range


The result of the blending of Robusta and Arabica grown by small producer cooperatives on the volcanic soils of Central America.

70% Arabica / 30% Robusta
Intensity 5/5


Assembly of washed Arabica grown in North Central America then decaffeinated with water without any chemical substance. A natural and innovative process that reveals, in its purest expression, the sensory identity of coffees.

100% Arabica
Intensity 3/5


Recipe created with Arabica grown in the heart of Central America, at very high altitude and under forest shade. This environment allows a very slow ripening of the fruit from which results the secret of its aromatic complexity.

100% Arabica
Intensity 3/5


Located in the heart of the Ethiopian coffee forest, the birthplace of coffee, the Kolli terroir is distinguished by the quality and authenticity of its Longberry Arabica varieties, which were harvested more than 100 years ago in the Waba wilderness.

100% Arabica
Intensity 4/5


Located in southern Colombia, the coffee zone of Planadas has been in the hands of the guerrillas for many years. This forgotten land contains ancient varieties of Bourbon and Caturra grown at an extreme altitude of 1800 to 2200m.

100% Arabica
Intensity 3/5