Vintage coffee

Cap’Mundo – Vintage concept

The notion of vintage corresponds to the year of harvest of coffee cherries and their transformation into coffee beans.

In coffee, there is only one harvest per year and per plantation.

Like wine, the vintage of a coffee is inseparable from its quality and its organoleptic identity.


Vintage and quality …

Unlike wine, for which years of rest enhance the precious nectar, coffee must be consumed during the course of its harvest year. After this time, the aromatic and taste qualities will degrade quickly to make way for a neutral drink without aromas, at best …!


Vintage and identity …

To speak of a local coffee without mentioning its vintage is to neglect the impact of the evolution of the climate and the work of the producer, over the years, on his taste. If the quality guarantee can be controlled and controlled, the sensory identity is dependent on external elements. To appreciate the authenticity of a local coffee, one must know how to accept that one’s identity can evolve according to natural and human factors not controllable.


Cap’Mundo’s “Vintage” philosophy

The construction of our Nespresso® * compatible capsule range is not driven by marketing requirements or profit, but by the cup result. We consider our craft philosophy as a quest for quality and authenticity of our coffees. Thus, the notion of vintage is inseparable from this quest, serving the respect of the craft tradition, because it is one of the main guarantees of the quality of the coffee.


The quality guarantee of “exclusive creations” Cap’Mundo

All our recipes are made following strict specifications, from selection to roasting, which allows us to assure you of their quality. Thus, each coffee selected for the creation of these recipes is guaranteed last harvest. Over the harvest, we adapt our recipes to the “vintage effect” to bring you the regularity of their sensory profile.


The authenticity guarantee of “pure origins” Cap’Mundo

Our selection of “pure origins” consists of local coffees, faithful to their place of production and the know-how of the men who produce it. Like wine, we consider that it is impossible to approach the notion of terroir without taking into account the vintage. Do not display, in all transparency, the vintage of a local coffee would be to make you believe that it has the same taste every year! We do not want to offer standard coffees, identical from year to year, but rather authentic coffees with a soul, faithful to the values of the coffee chain. We therefore decided to display the vintage of our “pure origins” selections on their packaging. This gives you a guarantee of quality and authenticity while doing justice to the identity of the terroirs and the work of the producer.


Our vintage coffees:

Don Jimenez 2016
Yrgacheffe 2016